Intuitive POS

A simple management panel adapted to any type of hospitality business, both for franchises and individual restaurants. Do you have a special need? We adapt our system to your business.

Powerful point of sale software for your restaurant

fully configurable

Select room, tables, diners and start taking the orders.

Save time with our tools

Location of delivery area and home surcharge automatically, division of accounts receivable, direct customer search by phone and much more.

Cross-platform application

You can install the software on any device: tablet, POS, PC, etc.
Fun Pos works on all platforms: iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.

digital billing

Your customers will receive a QR code with the invoice in the cloud directly.

Your workflow without surprises

Direct printing in the kitchen of the new marked products. If you cancel a product, the order also comes out in the kitchen.

Track your restaurant in real time

Stay informed at all times

Follow everything that happens in your restaurant through our administration panel.

All control at your fingertips

Statistics of your business using BI techniques.

Don't miss a single detail

Automatic sending of report via email when closing box.

Custom modular configuration

Complete your administration panel with the free modules you need.

Manage your reservations with Fun POS

All your reservations centralized in the same calendar

Both those made through the web and by phone will be reflected in the calendar of your POS.
All reservations in one place for quick viewing and efficient management.

Automatic email confirmation

Every time you validate a reservation, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to the client.

Commander fully integrated with your POS system

real time synchronization

The orders registered with the commander will be automatically reflected in the POS.

Access from any mobile device

Install our software to use your commander from a PDA or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with any operating system.

Save time in each gesture

User authentication using QR

Your employees will be able to access their account by simply scanning a QR code.

Direct communication with the kitchen of your business

Automatically send orders to the kitchen printer to offer a faster and more competitive service.

Join FunEats!

Add your restaurant to our directory and we will create your own online ordering platform.

The installation is free and the commissions are very low, only 8%.