Fun Shop

Create your online store and start selling

Sell online with your own ordering website. It's easy, fast and adaptable.

A platform optimized for delivery

Get the most out of your business with FunEats

Comprehensive control panel

Designed for all resolutions, simple and automatic.

marketing features

You can configure marketing campaigns to retain your most demanding guests.

Receive payments quickly and safely

FunEats allows you to receive credit and debit card payments without third-party accounts.

Custom Domain

Why use a custom domain?

Give personality to your brand

With a personalized brand image, your customers will remember you better and more easily.

Improve your positioning

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing...) will reward you with better web positioning when using your own domain.

Helps you consolidate your brand

A web domain makes you gain in stability and durability, you are here to stay!

Receive reservations through your own website

Create your website for your hospitality business and start receiving reservations.

Your customers will be able to make their reservations from the application, it will be automatically registered in our system and you will be able to manage it from your own POS.

By spending less time taking reservations on the phone, you can focus on your customers.

Accept payments instantly

Start receiving credit and debit card payments.

Forget about tedious third-party developments, our platform has payment integration that will be activated instantly.

Offer your customers a simple checkout experience.

Your customers will be able to use a wide variety of cards to pay for their purchases.

Keep payment information and business data secure. Mewo Systems is PCI compliant and supports 3D Secure payments.

Your own sales channel

extend your reach

low commissions

With FunEats you will pay only 8% of what you sell, saving compared to other platforms.

Own brand

We reinforce and promote your corporate image giving more value to your brand.

SEO Optimization

Our platform is optimized so that search engines show your product among the first results, so you will increase your customers.

Translate your app to reach all audiences

Harness the power of our software to translate into multiple languages.

Join FunEats!

Add your restaurant to our directory and we will create your own online ordering platform.

The installation is free and the commissions are very low, only 8%.